The Book Charmer

Wow! I have missed you! I have neglected blogging but I am still working the publishing circuits. Soooooo many blessings and opportunities are coming together all at once. It is difficult to strike a balance, especially when I enjoy being a lazy loner. 🤷🏽‍♀️However, I won’t complain!

My latest project is kicking off quite well! They say the third one is a charm and I am convinced that they were telling the truth! My illustrator, Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen and I struck a harmonious creative relationship and I am honored to have my words graced by the pages of her artwork! If you are searching for a book to gently, without preaching, teach our children the path to discovering who they are, minus material possessions, name-brands and false securities, you need to visit Amazon and purchase your copy today! Please feel free to share a written or recorded book review! They are worth more than coins!

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