Baggage: Claim Yours!


I got stains, pains, dichotomies, hypocrisies, bumps, lumps, scars, wars… YOU NAAAAAAME IT!  Whatever the case, we all suffer from varying degrees of it. Let me pause to think of a few of mine. Hmmm…Nothing!  I am perfect dammit!  I am perfect in my imperfections, because I recognize and claim my own shit.  Every now and then, it takes someone to remind or reflect something I’ve grown to accept as my norm when it’s actually a fear I’ve allowed to squat inside my GoddesSpace, pretending to be the rightful owner.

Fortunately, I know which bags are mine. My irritation is with people who don’t claim theirs! Imagine standing in baggage claim at the airport and suitcases are circling and people are standing around waiting to grab their belongings.  There are all sorts of brands, styles, colors, sizes and shapes. Some are labeled with name tags or special items to help their owners quickly identify them. Unspoken tension thickens the air.  People prance and privately hope and pray that their luggage made it safely.  As soon as they spot their stuff, they run to greet their bags as though they have been apart for several days and are just reconnecting after a long treacherous journey.  “Whew! Thank Goddess, we both made it!”

Now flip the script and picture a person who just sits and stares as all the bags cycle.  You recognize her from your flight, so she obviously has bags to claim too.  Instead, she only stares as others come, go and retrieve their items. Why is this person just sitting and staring instead of standing and waiting to jump at the chance to claim her bags like everyone else?  Is she so embarrassed by the looks of her luggage that she prefers to wait until the crowd disperses.  Or maybe she’s nervous about something illegal she’s transporting inside her bags. I could literally write a book using this analogy, so I will just end it here by saying:  Goddess, get up, claim your shit and continue on your journey!  We all have stuff we wish people did not see or know about us.

I understand that it’s not easy though.  Because on the one hand, people preach about not judging others but then use that other hand to point a finger at something they say people shouldn’t judge. It’s craziness and love trying to live a life while figuring it out at the same time! But if it’s any consolation, many of us have admiration and respect for the traveler who proudly stands at baggage claim, pulls three large grungy-looking garbage bags from the carousel (life’s merry-go-round), throws one over her shoulder and drags the others across the floor, makes an exit and misses the bus that Erykah Badu croons about in her song! YES! We have BAGS, LADIES!  Claim yours and keep traveling!


2 thoughts on “Baggage: Claim Yours!

  1. Look forward to the book on what’s inside those bags. Often we think of baggage negatively but it could positive vibes bin those bags. Often I’m afraid to pursue my gifts out of fear of success. I’ve trained my mind to cope with failure. The bag of success is unfamiliar luggage.

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