For Girls Who Wear Big Panties Only


This is that real woman shit I’m talking about right here!When we actually connect and share on deep-rooted levels as women…a sisterhood bond is awakened. We become each other’s biggest relationship goal supporters…even if it involves our ex!

However, one possible problem or challenge may arise if the women feel a sense of ownership, control or entitlement where the MAN they both share/shared (depending on the honesty of the trio) is concerned. In reality and spiritual/universal law, the MAN owes his life force to only his Creator and those he create (depending on your religious make-up). He is FREE to make a commitment to his current wife/woman while keeping previous or present relationships that tie him to various women.

Whether women dislike it, attempt to control it or get upset over it, HE’S FREE TO BE! There are no Human Contracts. The real issue is whether all parties can respectfully honor the established boundaries of their various relationship and commitment types. There will be NO PEACE if the women fail to trust and respect each other’s positions, especially if they are dealing with a lying, manipulative, push-over, pussy controlled male whose self-worth feeds off adversary women fighting over him! Or any man who prefers the women in his life remain cold, isolated strangers and only he is allowed to facilitate their interactions, serving as THE MIDDLEMAN (pun intended).

The chances of finding virgin or childless adults are rare. Most adults come with a past and/or baggage. So in order to have PEACE, men need to make themselves comfortable seated at the table with all their “women” wearing big girl panties, and women need to make sure men are king-ready before being talked out of wearing any.


Secrecy Starts at Home


As a child, I was taught to keep family business private.  Not that I fully understood the reasons.  I just intuitively knew which information not to share with teachers, bill collectors, neighbors and certain family members. Whether good or bad or right or wrong, I was taught how to keep a secret at a fairly young age. And now as an adult, the #MeToo movement and Hollywood’s latest sexual abuse and assault scandals have motivated me to reflect on my feelings regarding the accountability and responsibility of secrecy. If we fail to take an honest look at how secrets are perpetrated and protected from the beginning, they will continue to live and haunt the lives of those holding them.

Is it right to expose an adult’s most vulnerable secret before that person chooses to share it?  Who is actually responsible for letting people know about an adult’s harmful or hurtful secret?  In connection to the recent celebrity cases, there appears to be more attention, shame and blame being placed on anyone with a personal or professional relationship to the person who allegedly committed the sexual crime.  Shamefully, the perpetrator’s shoulders are freed from the burden of proof and others are left defending themselves.

So how do we change the culture of secrecy that surrounds sexual crimes? What will we change to help  women to feel empowered and protected after exposing  sexual crimes? What laws will we create or change for sexual crimes. Will we expose the sexual crimes of religious leaders? Or how about we first start at home. We can choose to believe the stories of daughters who bravely admit to being  sexually abused or assaulted by the men their mothers love.  We can break the cycle of considering men’s sexually advances as normal and every girl’s rites of passage. We can stop denying and sheltering the sexual perversions of male relatives and get them the help they need early.  We can teach our boys to love, cherish and respect a girl’s right to govern her body. We can stop teaching women and girls they must do whatever it takes to find, please or keep men happy and present.  We can encourage a safe home environment of openness, courage, honesty, trust and truth-telling. We can ban family secrets!


Does Having a Man Make You More Woman?


Though there are still many strides to make when it comes to our money and bodies in a “MAN’S WORLD”,  we have come a looooooooong way ladies! We are more educated and self-sufficient than ever before.  But still, our life achievements appear meaningless without a man’s stamp of wife-worthiness.  Now I can understand why men play the “why you ain’t never been married” card.  Penis privilege and double standards entitle them to question a woman’s single hood even when they’re NOT married!

No! I’m talking about those of us claiming pussy power!  Why do we frequently put down women who don’t have a man? We are often heard degrading women who have not FOUND A MAN! No matter the subject of debate,  women are often heard clapping back at other women, “Where your man at, Boo?!” As if nothing in the world matters without a man to back up whatever the hell a woman thinks she’s got the nerve to be trying to do without one!  Oh, before some sword-swinging sistah feels the need to defend men: This HAS NOTHING to do with bashing, hating or not needing a MAN! This is about women single-shaming other women!

There are many of us who feel damn right comfortable sleeping, eating, movie watching and traveling alone… without feeling LONELY!  Know the difference.  And it’s not some game we play in order to pretend we’re happy.  Getting a man is not nearly as hard as propaganda would have us to believe.  Furthermore, having a man is not going to guarantee a lonely-free life.  There are plenty of  married people who feel alone and lonely.

So I guess the journey of life leads back to the individual.  As the old folks would say, “You were born by yourself and you’re going to die by yourself!”  Love and matrimony are life’s icing…don’t make it out to be your birthday cake, Goddesses!