He’s an Ex for a Reason!

IMG_2273An ex is an old sweater that we keep in the back of our closets, but we forget that it’s damaged. Instead, we start to reminisce about the compliments it received, or how well the color accented our skin tone, or how comfortable the material felt.  Suddenly, we are back down memory lane with nothing but reasons to justify putting it on rather than reasons to explain why we stop wearing it in the first place. Yep! It’s all fun and fashion until somebody gets hurt…AGAIN!  This is not meant to burn bread on anyone’s Peaches and Herb “Reunited” moment, but it never “feels so good” for me.

Only Goddess knows what makes me even consider taking another slingshot at the more than once failed romance.  I can only offer another comparison, which involves a pair of expensive boots I bought several years ago, but no longer wear.  I actually wouldn’t mind someone else rocking them, but I’ve paid too much to reap the return of my investment if I sell them, and they are too expensive to just give away. So I only keep them around in case I decide to wear them…AGAIN!

In addition to my boots and sweater, I have a number of old t-shirts that I can’t seem to trash or recycle either.  A few of them are pretty special.  They help to archive fond memories of vacations, concerts or gift givers.  Most of them don’t even fit, but I tell myself one day they will.  Sadly, my closet, like the relationship with my ex, has been some sort of love-hate purgatory.

Whatever reasons I have given myself for keeping a closet full of shit I don’t need, I’m sooooooo over it! No…REALLY!  The stains and holes in the relationship are not worth repairing.  The memories are only in my head.  The time and energy spent can’t be recovered.  I have outgrown the bullshit. And if somebody wants to treasure my trash, I will gladly leave it in the alley for them to collect. I don’t plan to go shopping any time soon, but I am making room to purchase a brand new wardrobe from anywhere except: resale and vintage shops.