America’s Love-Hate Triangle


The White Man knows exactly who The Black Woman is and the threat she poses. He knows she’s The Black Goddess Power to Be!  The White Man with his agenda to control and rule  seeks to destroy her. His fathers before him passed down stories of The Black Woman’s wrath and warned The White Man about the dangers of her backlash.  As a result, The White Man strategizes to keep her close, where he can manipulate her powers and use them to his advantage.  Whether The Black Woman is in The White Man’s bed or business, he both desires and despises her.


He is mystified by her CREATION. Behind Vatican doors, he secretively worships at the feet of her cosmic, ancestral and magical Godliness but knowingly presents a falsified white image of himself as savior and God!  The Black Woman’s gum-popping, head rolling, finger-snapping DEFIANCE, DETERMINATION, LEADERSHIP, FEARLESSNESS, MATERNITY,  and BRAVERY (just to name a few) are historically UNMATCHED!  No other woman on the planet can provide the receipts to prove how they fought, mothered, loved, survived and created while being classified and treated as nothing more than CHATTEL!  It is this brazen, firey feminity that makes The Black Woman irresistable to The White Man.  Her unyielding strength matches his machismo.

Oprah is right!  “Their Time is Up!”  It’s time to regain a matriarchal position of power that destroys white supremacy and nurtures a balance of the sexes without becoming the evil that tried to destroy us. We also have to protect the missions, visions, names and narratives of our fight.  The recent shift from racism to sexism is another ploy to distract from the larger cause.  Sad to say, we were tricked into trading the racism card for a sexism one (once again)! Goddesses, we can’t bring pussy to a white supremacy fight! OUR MISSION IS MUCH BIGGER, BLACK WOMEN!  We have survived being legally raped and working for no pay! And anyway, the majority of us ain’t falling for white men’s  DICKtatorship unless we give our consent.

The “white women’s liberation is equal to racism” card is played whenever needle-moving strides and waves are made to unveil and dismantle white supremacy! Of course, sexism and racism share a similar strand, but it’s not at the core. White supremacy is the father of all “isms”.  Bob Marley told us, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” Black women, white women can’t liberate us! They too, are pawns in the system. They may be sympathetic to our causes, but don’t let the marches, hashtags and poster boards fool you!  They don’t possess the DNA of Nzinga!  We’re once again involving ourselves in a fight that is not ours to own. We will be left outdoors if and when white women decide to return home and stand by their men. But can we judge them? We are in love with an oppressor that admits to hating us, so how can we fault white women for being complicit when that same oppressor claims to love them.

They say Goddess doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle.  We can handle being called undesirable and ugly.  We can handle being the Angry Black Woman.  We can handle being copied but not credited.  We can handle being abandoned and unprotected. We can handle being labeled too strong…too mouthy…too much to be loved. Most importantly, we survived slavery: therefore, we can handle crazy, narcissistic ass white men who plan to destroy Mother Planet before they’re annihilated.  So allow me to add what even OPRAH could not say: IT IS NOW THE BLACK WOMAN’S TIME!



Secrecy Starts at Home


As a child, I was taught to keep family business private.  Not that I fully understood the reasons.  I just intuitively knew which information not to share with teachers, bill collectors, neighbors and certain family members. Whether good or bad or right or wrong, I was taught how to keep a secret at a fairly young age. And now as an adult, the #MeToo movement and Hollywood’s latest sexual abuse and assault scandals have motivated me to reflect on my feelings regarding the accountability and responsibility of secrecy. If we fail to take an honest look at how secrets are perpetrated and protected from the beginning, they will continue to live and haunt the lives of those holding them.

Is it right to expose an adult’s most vulnerable secret before that person chooses to share it?  Who is actually responsible for letting people know about an adult’s harmful or hurtful secret?  In connection to the recent celebrity cases, there appears to be more attention, shame and blame being placed on anyone with a personal or professional relationship to the person who allegedly committed the sexual crime.  Shamefully, the perpetrator’s shoulders are freed from the burden of proof and others are left defending themselves.

So how do we change the culture of secrecy that surrounds sexual crimes? What will we change to help  women to feel empowered and protected after exposing  sexual crimes? What laws will we create or change for sexual crimes. Will we expose the sexual crimes of religious leaders? Or how about we first start at home. We can choose to believe the stories of daughters who bravely admit to being  sexually abused or assaulted by the men their mothers love.  We can break the cycle of considering men’s sexually advances as normal and every girl’s rites of passage. We can stop denying and sheltering the sexual perversions of male relatives and get them the help they need early.  We can teach our boys to love, cherish and respect a girl’s right to govern her body. We can stop teaching women and girls they must do whatever it takes to find, please or keep men happy and present.  We can encourage a safe home environment of openness, courage, honesty, trust and truth-telling. We can ban family secrets!