Damn! Do I Miss a Pen & a Paper…& My Pisces

Has it really been a year since I last blogged! Wow!

Some real life changing shit happened in 2019 and I have not openly dealt with one in particular. I think it’s time I talk about the man I loved and lost! If I strike up the courage to really go deep with it, I will publish it on his Feb 29th B’Earth Day!

I thought I could handle his death without talking about it frfr. However, a late night conversation with a friend girl of mine, who knew all the inside, ups and downs of our rock and steady 8-year Pisces love affair, comforted my snotty sobs with sweet memories of him last night! I am so grateful for her being a lioness who listens more than she roars. I love and appreciate you, Goddess!

So yeah! It’s about to get really heated up in here on this love  thang! I think it’s time I finally deal with matters of the heart! I have kept my love  life out of my writing, but the stories are begging to be told. I probably should write a book instead of blog about it though! Lol! There’s no harm in profiting from my growing pains. Right?! 

Regardless of the platform, I plan to blog for the health of it in 2020! 

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