I Covered My Body After Having Children

The more I aged and the bigger or more mature my stomach, ass and thighs got…the less I revealed. I’ve never worn a size bigger than a 12 my entire life, but somewhere down the timeline, I started over thinking my body’s image! And even now, no matter how many compliments I receive from both men and women about my body, I still give a side eye instead of a simple thank you!


My dreams of acting and modeling were stunted after my first taste of classroom teaching. I was hooked. As a twenty something high school teacher who still looked like a high school student, I made the decision to be taken seriously by any means necessary and that involved always acting professional and dressing conservatively…VERY CONSERVATIVE! And because I always thought it was important to live within the same community as my students (except for one position😏) the chances of bumping into them after work were guaranteed! So I mummified myself in public but performed “Private Dancer” stripteases in front of my mirror or man behind closed doors.

I still long for the hippie flower child freedom I exhibited before having children. So now that I’m an empty nester. Meaning, I no longer teach high school and all my babies are GROWN. Perhaps, I can get naked! My 50th is just around the corner in March and every milestone birthday I promise myself a liberation or revealing party: A staged scantily dressed photo shoot or exotic dance where I can have a Badu Window Seat moment. So if it doesn’t happen this March, forgive me now for becoming that one video sensation, tutu-dancing 70-year young elder who twerks in the streets and makes it rain! 😜 And don’t blame it on the alcohol…fault the Catholic School girl in me!😇😈

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