Plugging Selfies & Making Excuses

lil irene update cover - frontimg_1158lil irene update cover

Here’s the deal: I looooove brainstorming ideas, writing books and dreaming about possibilities. Meeting deadlines, however, are not my thing. I told readers in the intro that my postings would be self-centered and random. I’m HONEST!😛

But if you are still checking for the Sangoddess to speak… stay with me. I am a one-woman show who still has to work for someone else for a paycheck so time is limited (cutting my hair frees up quite a bit… lol). Still, I’m dreaming and thinking of a master plan to turn my passions into prosperity!

Meanwhile, check out my latest baby, Lil’ Irene Loves Big Earrings. She is due to hit the Amazon shelves by the end of this week…another deadline😞. Of course, purchase details will soon follow this shameless self horn tooting! “How else will we know people are coming if they don’t toot their own horns?” Some witty bragger once said.

Stop by Books In Our Image or follow Books in Our Image or check out Books in Our Image here. Just remember, all of these platforms are managed by a single woman with a job in case they are not updated frequently.😘

And please visit my bad ass illustrator, Gbaby! I am so blessed and honored to have my pages visually mastered with her beautiful art pieces.

Your visits and comments are welcomed, loved and appreciated!

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