What in the Health

Is going on with this price?


The Master Cleanse recommends maple syrup GRADE B. I had not been in Whole Paycheck, I mean, Whole Foods, in a while. And after seeing their maple syrup’s price tag, I should have driven right up the street to Trader Joe’s! I had purchased a bottle from Trader Joe’s about a year ago, but I recall the bottle I purchased at that time saying Grade A instead of B. One of the TJ store clerks explained that though it said A, it was really B since the Grade A is being used for all maple syrup. However, The TJ brand did not have a “Previously B” sticker like the one at Whole Foods. Rather than waste any more time wondering if what I had purchased at Trader Joes some time ago was truly Grade B (since it did not have a label like Whole Foods), I spent my $26 dollars worth of coins ON SYRUP! It was late and I had only a drop of syrup left at home.  After returning home, I discovered that the Trader Joe’s maple syrup did have the same “dark and robust” description as the Grade B. So yes, the clerk was correct about it being the “Previous B” even though it did not contain the sticker like Whole Foods. I don’t remember what I paid for my Trader Joe’s bottle, but you can trust and believe it wasn’t $26!!!

Day Five: I felt amazing! I floated on a cloud all day. I performed massages with my usual strength and grounded intention. After work, I shopped around at Home Goods and returned some shoes to DSW. I even noticed the white spots in my face disappearing. I felt so good and cute that I took this selfie.


The Detox life was going well…UNTIL…

Day Six: I could not muster up enough energy to walk to the bathroom, let alone make my lemonade cocktail. Consequently, I did not have my liquid meal until around four o’clock. That is just how long it took me to get up and drag across the floor! Thank Goddess I did not have to work. I felt weak and slightly dizzy! No! This is not due to fasting! It is only the release of  poisons or toxins being circulated through my blood stream. Why day SIX? I don’t have a clue! The good thing is, my energy returned as soon as I drank my lemonade drink. I was able to complete some home spring cleaning chores and write this post! Look at Goddess!





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