Cameras Do Lie!

FC54335A-9E6E-44ED-9091-DF65D2599248.jpgWhoever said the camera doesn’t lie: LIED! LOL!  Or maybe the person had never used one of today’s computer-generated cameras with all of its fancy filters and gadgets. But wait! Before I go any further, let’s get one thing PICTURE perfect, this post is not intended to shame those who wear makeup or use filters.  I’m sure most of us prefer to post ourselves once we have taken our best shot (yes, I’m going to throw puns every-which-way)! So if you are already annoyed, you are free to go. Now. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to put our best photo forward.  However, we edit ourselves out the frame when we base our likeness off anything outside of who we really are!  Real beauty resides within the person taking the selfie…not the selfie!  Did you catch that?

I know it all sounds like corny clichés.  Maybe I can better translate it by making a side-by-side comparison to celebrities.  Big money is paid to photographers and paparazzi who capture the most natural shots of celebrities.  Just think about it.  The pictures of famous people doing the most mundane tasks, in the least glamorous setting, while looking their absolute worst get the most attention and highest dollar. Meanwhile,  magazine covers of beautiful models, wearing the most glamorous designs, in the best exotic destinations while showcasing their sexiest poses receive side eyes and snubs for being too Photoshopped.  We find something soothing and satisfying about famous people living normal lives.  Ironically though, many of us leading regular ol’ every day lives portray ourselves as the rich and famous on camera.

American culture’s obsession with reality has coined phrases like “keeping it real”, “for real, for real” and “fake news”.  Yet, we suck in jaws and angle cameras up high to look smaller.  We use babies and objects as props to camouflage unflattering body parts. We utilize the sun’s beautiful rays to enhance our skin, but any other time, dodge it like the Black Plague! LOL!  We tilt our heads to capture our best sides.  We suck in our stomachs to shrink our muffin tops. And yes, we even use filters that lighten and tone our skin complexions. But yet, crave, expect and demand to see the real-ness in everybody else, especially THE REAL RICH & FAMOUS!

We love to shout, “No one is perfect!” But we still pressure ourselves to be PICTURE PERFECT!  But you know what???  WOW! Now that I have blogged about it.  Maybe I should take a page from the photo albums of those with the confidence to stage their image and lifestyle even though they look or live differently.  We are told to, “Fake it until we make it!”  Maybe I envy the courage and confidence of those who glorify their existence without having to always prove how REAL they REALLY are. Hmph!  I am not lying to you!  I have spent all night, early morning and evening writing this damn blog only to abandon my own thesis! Regardless, I am still going to end this by giving props to those grounded in enough self-love and self-awareness to reveal their naked truths and allow the world to witness them.  I will explore my possible jealousy for those with the boldness to strut themselves as picturesque no matter who’s judging their pictures from the outside… in a different blog. This is probably already longer than my 2-minute reading goal.  TO BE CONTINUED!

“Paint a perfect picture/Bring to life a vision in one’s mind/The beautiful ones/Always smash the picture/Always every time” ~Prince


4 thoughts on “Cameras Do Lie!

  1. Love your thoughts on this subject. I just want to put it out there that YOU are the reason I dared to be different. I never fit the mold as a young person and I always felt isolated and out of place. You challenged not only myself, but many young people to explore their own gifts, their own beauty…

    And you taught us to respect the gifts and beauty in others. I admire you for that.
    I’m not always as confident as I want to be or self-aware, but I choose to embrace the nearly 40 year woman in the mirror and not an image that I assume the world would find attractive. After the filters, the makeup, and the Photoshopping there is really just me. I am not perfect but I love that I am here making magic and enjoying just being. I ramble, but I also thank you for sharing and for being such a big inspiration to me.

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    1. 😢😢You have me tearing up while at work. I appreciate you taking the time to share how much of a difference you ALLOWED me to make. Every time former students express genuine gratitude, I feel a heavy amount of guilt for leaving the classroom. Still, I feel blessed to witness your GODDESS/MOTHERHOOD! 40 years young! WOW!❤️❤️❤️


      1. Awww… I’m glad you liked the comment. I do need to clarify, nearly 40 not quite there yet. But you really did make a major impact on my life and I thank you for that. Things were really tough for me back then and I couldn’t have made it without your guidance. Truly.

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