Get To Know: Author Of “Good Touch Day” Sandra A. Roberts

Thank you Erica Van Buren (Mama-Professor)!

Erica Van Buren

Sandra A.Roberts taught high school English for ten years and served as an elementary and high school librarian for six. Now she spends her time providing “Good Touch Day” as a licensed massage therapist and self-published author of children’s books.

Van Buren: What inspired you to write “Good Touch Day”?

Roberts: “Good Touch Day” was created to balance the story regarding “Bad Touch”. Being a massage therapist any time you mention massage to people you see their face turn up and there’s always some sexual connection. So, it was a combination of always having to defend the profession, to help children understand that it’s not always about the fear factor and to bring some respect and beauty to the profession.

Van Buren: What inspired you to write “Come With Me To The Place To Be” ?

Roberts: Just being in love and having a love affair with the library. It’s really a…

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