Wearing Only My 50th Birthday Suit


My 49th birthday is coming up.  I always have brave intentions each and every time it rolls around, but I usually end up doing something simple and small.  Since the BIG Five-O is supposed to be something really special, maybe I’ll just use my 49th birthday as preparation for next year’s adventure.  I want to do something really wild and courageous.  I have yet to decide on what that something is.

I’ve wanted to dance at a strip club during an amateur night since my 30th birthday.  Having waited twenty years, I will definitely need to use all of this year to prepare my thighs and core before March 5, 2019!

Perhaps, I could do a nude photo shoot instead.  Yeah, that might actually work.  But then again, I might be too concerned about how best to discreetly archive the naked shots.  What’s the point in even taking them if I’m still going to worry about who sees them.  Well, I guess that’s out.

Hmm…I think I should travel somewhere out of the country and do something that can’t be traced back to the states.  But shoot! The world really is small, so there’s a pretty strong chance that anything could follow me back home.

Hopefully, by the time I actually turn 50, I won’t care who sees me dancing at a strip club, posing in nude pictures or behaving wildly in a different country.  If the new 50 is anything like I hear it is, I’ll be prepared to do all three without any hesitation. Coolicious! I guess my 50th birthday plans are complete!  Do you have any suggestions?

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