Do You Think You’re UGLY?


Whyyyyyyyyy Gaaaawddess??!

My fingers hurt from having to even type this mess!  Black people, we do more talking about our magic, swag, melanin and sauce than  a lil’ a bit!  But as soon as a few pigmented-free peons challenge our royal beauty, we get our crowns in a crunch!  We already know we are the most forgiving species on the planet when it comes to other folks.  So let’s stop pretending that we require more than fake ass apologies to win back our customer loyalty.  Shall we list the many brands and companies we still support  after discovering some racist or distasteful thing they directly or indirectly did to offend us.

Allow me to start. My two self-published children books are being sold on Amazon right now!  You know how many negative reports surface about Jeff Bezos‘ business practices on a daily?  But because his platform conveniently benefits me, I quietly justify using  his billion dollar company to sell my books and make purchases.  He is currently reported as the richest person of all times.  Just imagine how many other businesses  I would have to “un-business” in order to boycott this man?!  Call it what you may, but my skin is too historically thick to be bothered by racist innuendos.  Miss me with the self-hating marketing ploys and subtleties of a few jealous or ignorant racists using their position, power and platform to push a Black Ugly campaign while pretending they don’t think Black is MOST Beautiful!  If they don’t go sit down somewhere and read the Isis Papers!










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