Black and Vegan

We can turn vegan overnight, but still debate about how to identify and liberate ourselves as a race of  black people.  This is not meant to criticize those who have made a conscious lifestyle choice to improve their health and well-being!  I applaud you!  Welcome aboard the veggie train!  I’m only wondering how we can apply this most recent love and respect for the animal kingdom to the Black community.

Black vegans are sitting as one at animal-free tables.  Yet, the value and protection of human black lives is still at stake.   We are arming ourselves with all sorts of research to support a lifestyle intended to help us live longer.  Yet, we are still at the bottom of America’s food chain. And again, I’m not knocking any effort to improve one’s life quality and longevity.  I just know we have talked about coming together to support and love each other for a looooooong time now.

SanGoddess loves the animals too!  But Damn!  We have yet to be judged by the content of our character….let alone our stomachs!  Like animals, we too are hunted and killed. Yes, Go Team Vegans!  But when will we collectively name, love, respect and protect ourselves as Black people?  Cause Goddess knows, we can not afford to divide over anything else personal or petty.

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