Many Blogs…Only One Me!


Tooooooo many blogs to choose from….I know!  And though you might have accidentally stumbled upon this one, I’m glad you’re here.  Hi!  My name is Sandra.  Those I like call me San…NOT SANDY! And of course, Sangoddess works too! I have worn many wigs in my nearly fifty years of living so I have plenty to say about personal, work, social and family relationships.  What else is there?  We are all here to discover our purpose and follow a life plan while respecting others who are attempting to do the same.

I appreciate all readers, but I blog for selfish reasons. I may not respond to you in a timely fashion.  I may not post regularly.  We may not agree.  I am definitely going to use some profanity.  Through it all, I promise to give my Honest-to-Goddess Truth!  I will speak on many subjects.  It will simply depend on my thought for the day.  I’m a Pisces so get ready to swim in shallow and deep waters.  I will try not to hold you under water too long.  I know how short of breath most of our attention spans are during these tag, tweet, text and snap days.  Meanwhile, shhh…and allow Sangoddess to speak with you!







We Be Book Club’n!

So let’s speak and keep peace!

1. What is the chasm between teaching about white body supremacy and the continuous black body deaths at the hands of whites?

2. Is the very nature of white bodies capable of global balance and harmony without purporting themselves as superior and standard?

3. Are black bodies too disenfranchised and dismembered to view themselves outside the construct of white bodies to even heal?

Selling Strategy: Cross-Marketing

So many social platforms with very little time to serve them all well? CROSS MARKETS! Yeah! Being that I’m still a “nobody” by subscriber and viral standards, I am sure to bug some of the same people. But hey! They are free to move about the social cabin, right?Creating new and fresh content is hard work, my people! I admire those who make it look easy.

Here is my latest Books in Our Image plug floating and surfacing in social spaces. I hope you enjoy it! So much so… that your excitement leads you to here.

The Book Charmer

Wow! I have missed you! I have neglected blogging but I am still working the publishing circuits. Soooooo many blessings and opportunities are coming together all at once. It is difficult to strike a balance, especially when I enjoy being a lazy loner. 🤷🏽‍♀️However, I won’t complain!

My latest project is kicking off quite well! They say the third one is a charm and I am convinced that they were telling the truth! My illustrator, Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen and I struck a harmonious creative relationship and I am honored to have my words graced by the pages of her artwork! If you are searching for a book to gently, without preaching, teach our children the path to discovering who they are, minus material possessions, name-brands and false securities, you need to visit Amazon and purchase your copy today! Please feel free to share a written or recorded book review! They are worth more than coins!

Plugging Selfies & Making Excuses

lil irene update cover - frontimg_1158lil irene update cover

Here’s the deal: I looooove brainstorming ideas, writing books and dreaming about possibilities. Meeting deadlines, however, are not my thing. I told readers in the intro that my postings would be self-centered and random. I’m HONEST!😛

But if you are still checking for the Sangoddess to speak… stay with me. I am a one-woman show who still has to work for someone else for a paycheck so time is limited (cutting my hair frees up quite a bit… lol). Still, I’m dreaming and thinking of a master plan to turn my passions into prosperity!

Meanwhile, check out my latest baby, Lil’ Irene Loves Big Earrings. She is due to hit the Amazon shelves by the end of this week…another deadline😞. Of course, purchase details will soon follow this shameless self horn tooting! “How else will we know people are coming if they don’t toot their own horns?” Some witty bragger once said.

Stop by Books In Our Image or follow Books in Our Image or check out Books in Our Image here. Just remember, all of these platforms are managed by a single woman with a job in case they are not updated frequently.😘

And please visit my bad ass illustrator, Gbaby! I am so blessed and honored to have my pages visually mastered with her beautiful art pieces.

Your visits and comments are welcomed, loved and appreciated!

For Girls Who Wear Big Panties Only


This is that real woman shit I’m talking about right here!When we actually connect and share on deep-rooted levels as women…a sisterhood bond is awakened. We become each other’s biggest relationship goal supporters…even if it involves our ex!

However, one possible problem or challenge may arise if the women feel a sense of ownership, control or entitlement where the MAN they both share/shared (depending on the honesty of the trio) is concerned. In reality and spiritual/universal law, the MAN owes his life force to only his Creator and those he create (depending on your religious make-up). He is FREE to make a commitment to his current wife/woman while keeping previous or present relationships that tie him to various women.

Whether women dislike it, attempt to control it or get upset over it, HE’S FREE TO BE! There are no Human Contracts. The real issue is whether all parties can respectfully honor the established boundaries of their various relationship and commitment types. There will be NO PEACE if the women fail to trust and respect each other’s positions, especially if they are dealing with a lying, manipulative, push-over, pussy controlled male whose self-worth feeds off adversary women fighting over him! Or any man who prefers the women in his life remain cold, isolated strangers and only he is allowed to facilitate their interactions, serving as THE MIDDLEMAN (pun intended).

The chances of finding virgin or childless adults are rare. Most adults come with a past and/or baggage. So in order to have PEACE, men need to make themselves comfortable seated at the table with all their “women” wearing big girl panties, and women need to make sure men are king-ready before being talked out of wearing any.


Don’t Call It a Lifestyle Change


It’s like promising to never eat candy after a teeth cleaning or vowing to be celibate after a Pap smear or cutting all your hair off after a breakup or scrubbing clean and burning sage after negative people have occupied your home…

My ten-day Master Cleanse kicked off a clean living frenzy! My kitchen is old and outdated but I revived it by rearranging furniture, removing the stove, downsizing the fridge, adding my Urban Rebounder and updating cooking gadgets and utensils.

Removing large, energy sucking appliances allows space for trampoline jumping and exercising. What better place and time to get in a little cardio and stretching than a kitchen? Plus, it reminds me of how my food and exercise connect.

Similar to my laundromat/gym business idea: Most people sit, smoke, eat or watch television while waiting at a laundromat. Why not get an exercise quickie in while you wait instead? I’m sure this already exists somewhere in the world!

I ended the detox twenty pounds lighter and renewed my commitment to eating mainly wholesome home-cooked and raw foods. So far, my kitchen has been filled with pots of vegetable soups and beans, chopping boards of fresh produce and a blender of fresh ingredients.

Once again, I’m promising to stay the course. However, lifestyle changes CHANGE! LIFE HAPPENS! Stress and emotional eating are real. Right? So I prefer to call it lifestyle tuning instead of changing. Our bodies require regular check-in’s, up’s and out’s in order that we make positive choices. This way, I won’t beat myself up or make excuses for not sticking to the last LIFE STYLE CHANGE I made!

I’m Getting a Mother-Daughter Divorce


Two old pictures of me and my mom side by side.  It has been this way since my birth.  Choosing to attend a university away from home initiated my first major attempt to escape my mother’s suffocation. Don’t get me wrong. I love and adore my mother and our closeness.  We talk daily. Oddly enough, we don’t see each other every day, but we can literally feel each other’s presence.  She occupies the downstairs unit of our two-family home.  I purchased it in July ’98 and she’s been here since ’99/’00. You do the math! LOL!  It has been the two of us…together through EVERYTHING!

I have always admired my mother’s beauty, work ethic, parenting and sacrifice.  There’s just ONE THING that I wish she had found: TRUE LOVE!  I have listened to her scare tactics about men since first or second grade! LOL!  She taught me to marry before having sex.  She compared the vagina to a cake (Rihanna owes her royalties…lol)  The cake had to remain intact for my husband.  “Would you present a birthday cake with slices already eaten?”  It kind of makes since, huh?  Maybe it does…coming from a southern girl raised Pentecostal. But come on now!  That was not going to work for a ghetto Catholic school girl. LOL! Hey!  I think I did pretty good. I was a senior in high school when I lost my virginity. But rather than walk down an aisle, I ran off to college instead! WHEW! FREEDOM! After teaching in New Orleans and flying for Continental Airlines, I decided to teach and settle back home in St. Louis.  Nothing holds you hostage like a house, so it was a done deal once I turned thirty and purchased a home. Now here we are, two old ladies who talk on the phone several times a day, and live side by side.  

What triggered this narrative testimony is my viewing of the movie, Roxanne Roxanne, based off the first female rapper, Roxanne Shante, and written and directed by a St. Louis native, Michael Larnell.  The movie’s portrayal of Roxanne Shante’s mother and daughter relationship gut punched me. Aside from the alcoholism, the mother, played by Nia Long, strongly reminded me of my mother. They both share shady views of men, hold very little trust in their intentions, scrutinize any man you pick and shame you out of even thinking about the possibility of REAL LOVE.  

Unlike sixteen year old Roxanne Shante, who chose an older man despite her mother’s profane disapproval, I had to wait until 49 years of age before I could totally shut down my mother’s manipulative and male bashing attempts to keep me near. Her approach is less vicious now that I am older, but the intent remains the same.  After recently sharing my feelings about this particular brotha possibly being THE ONE, I could hear her under breath sigh of doubt and pessimism.  However, this time, I was TOTALLY unfazed.  Without getting defensive and emotional, I shared how there are GOOD MEN out here.  We are just too often blinded or consumed by the swag, games, pimping, fragility and badness of BOYS to see them.  I clearly explained my decision to surrender my sword.  It is no longer needed.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know one of THE GOOD ONES. Unfortunately for Roxanne Shante, she was too young to peep the abusive predator in her older man.  I, on the other hand, have lived looooooong enough to see pass the bullshit.  Oh! And about that birthday cake…it’s still good!